Basata cafe.. the Simplicity of hosting & art

 "Basata" Café in the pilgrim's Path in Nazareth.. Coffee & art shop


Suad Abed-Zoabi was a teacher, and worked in Nazareth Municipality with the youth, and also worked in the "Women Against Violence" association. Suad wanted to have a space to serve coffee and support local handicrafts, thus the café "Basata" (simplicity) was born.

"Simplicity" of products

 "Basata" café shop offers local product. Suad purchases every piece herself, either from Hebron or from artisans in Nazareth.

Suad sees the "Basata" café as part of the development of tourism in Nazareth, and is happy to join a group of initiatives women that have also opened cafés, restaurants, and shops in the old city of Nazareth.

"Simplicity" of workshops

Suad Abed beliefs in networking and cooperation between different people to achieve a common goal. That's why she created a collaboration that has yielded 4  embroidery and knitting workshops. Suad says: " when People sit around the table to embroider or knit, they create a sense of security and warmth."

The Pilgrim's path

 "Basata" café is located in one of the main roads in Nazareth. Pilgrim's path connected the tow main churches : Church Of Annunciation and the Greek Orthodox church.

Simplicity of hosting

 "Basata" café is open from 8:00  am until 7:00 pm. "Basata" café serves hot and cold drinks, cakes, and breakfast.
The shop including antiques, pottery, embroidery.

And wireless internet for those who want to work.

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