A World of Flavors in Nazareth

A World of Flavors in Nazareth.. One of the first people to carry the title of chef in Nazareth may have been Chef Dukhel Safadi, followed by Chef Amin Zayyad..


Like other tourist cities on the rise, Nazareth seeks to keep pace with modern tourism to meet the needs of tourists. Culinary tourism has emerged as one of the essential requirements that must be met in tourist destinations, along with history, heritage, and religious tourism. The visit of modern tourists is no longer limited to sightseeing, recalling history, or praying and worshiping. This includes visiting Palestinian cities with their distinctiveness and historical and religious specificity. A big part of their trip involves enjoying local cuisines and eating at restaurants that have earned favorable reviews from visitors, critics, and specialized magazines.

Capital of the Galilee

Up until the end of the 1990s, Nazareth served as a central city for a number of small towns that relied on the Capital of the Galilee commercially.

Given its status as a city with a distinct religious identity and frequently a stopping point in the center of Palestine on the way to the coast or the Upper Galilee, restaurants were unavoidable, whether as a matter of luxury or as a necessity to offer food to visitors from outside the city. Thus, restaurant development and food production gradually increased throughout time, as they did everywhere else in the world. While some restaurants were able to adapt, grow, and keep up with modern developments, others went out of business.

meet the Chef

Few people in Nazareth have mastered the art of food preparation, and since the 1960s, some restaurants have been passed down from one generation to another. Like every other society in the world, however, the art of food preparation has evolved, and some young men have chosen to study it in specialized colleges. One of the first people to carry the title of chef in Nazareth may have been Chef Dukhel Safadi, followed by Chef Amin Ziad and others. Today, in 2022, however, Nazareth does have a sizable number of holders of the title of chef who have studied in local and international renowned culinary colleges and academies and have returned to enrich the city with flavors and distinctive dishes. The most notable among them are the young chefs Aseel Sharif and Nizar Jraysi, who took part in the Arabic version of the well-known international competition Top Chef, hosted by MBC TV. They competed against other Arab chefs from various Arab nations and placed first and second, respectively. Chef Sharif advanced to the competition’s final four chefs. As soon as he returned to Nazareth, he improved his father’s bakery, Al-Safadi Bakery, in the Salesian area, by preparing fresh sandwiches daily and the dessert halawet al-jibn (cheese sweets) during Ramadan.

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