Daher Al Omar guesthouse.. what you know about a man history?

The special guest house called "Diwan Dahar Al Omar" is the family home in the center of Nazareth market, which has been turned into a guest house (video)

the guesthouse was opened in 2016 and named after  the historical figure Daher al-Omar a family memeber  Salam Daher - sixth generation- decided to raise the leader's name again with a guest house located in the Nazareth Market  that can accommodate 50 visitors.

In Keawar Alley you will find a picture of a person you may know, such a historical figure. Under the picture written "Diwan Dahar al-Omar" - Diwan is the place where the dignitaries and the sages of the place gathered and was actually the ruler's house.
In 2016, Salam Daher decided to turn the family home in Nazareth market that full of history and stories into a guest house that can host 50 visitors, Salam chose to revive the authentic Nazareth atmosphere.

In the warm atmosphere of his home, Salam Daher, who runs the guest house, welcomed us and told us about the importance of the diwan where the owner of the house receives his guests and honors them with food, drink and lodging. This is where the idea began to turn the house into a guesthouse open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, serving breakfast to visitors on the balcony with a panoramic view of Nazareth.

You can contact the guest house by phone: