Tantana .. the antique in nazareth market

Tantana.. Nostalgia corner in Nazareth market.. The store includes many new and used items (second hand), such as accessories, cups, vases and household and professional tools

In a world full of innovations, the antiques that people have neglected over the years have become rare, and some people have recently begun to pay attention to the aesthetic and cultural value of antiques.

In the old city of Nazareth, Lubna Abu Dubai was eager to display the beautiful and rare items in her shop called "tantana" (a decoration that is added to a dress at the hem). At one of the entrances to the Nazareth Market, on the side of Bishop Square, there you will find the store that will take you to a world full of beauty, a store that was opened 6 years ago at the initiative of Lubna Abu Duba.

A hobby that became a shop

We visited the store and Livna explained to us how the hobby of collecting antiques turned into an exhibition and a store. The story started as a hobby of Lubna, who always enjoyed collecting antiques and loved the world of classic antiques, then turned the hobby into a place where you will want to go back in time.
The store includes many new items, including used (second hand), such as accessories, glasses, vases and household and professional tools that were used in the past. It also includes some handmade art details designed by Lubna. The works were collected from all over the world.

The old city in Nazareth carries the history of the city and this is what caused the choice of the place. Lubna talked about her love for the old city, and said that the choice of the place was not a coincidence, but the adaptation of the concept of the store to the place.

Visit the store on weekends (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 10:00-15:00

You can follow the store on the Instagram page

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