la cafe.. Coffee Sandwiches and pastries in Nazareth

On the way.. stop at La Cafe, on Tawfik Ziad St., in front of Big Square at the southern entrance to the city.. coffee, cake and sandwiches from the experts


La Cafe opened a year and a half ago in Nazareth city center, on Tawfik Ziad Street, in front of the Big Fashion square, to provide a suitable retreat for everyone passing by.
Mohammad Zoabi, one of the founders of La Cafe, told us about the idea that came up after he worked in the bakery business for 8 years, including the "Za'tar" bakery that he manages. Muhammad says: The idea of the coffee shop came after studying the market, we saw that there is a demand for a place where city residents and visitors can take coffee "on the go" and continue their daily work or trip in the city.
Muhammad studied at the Danona school in Tel Aviv, and began his work in the field professionally right after graduation.

Muhammad went through the perfections in many places, the last of which was France, where he learned the secrets of dough and croissants from a different point of view than is customary in Israel, in order to serve special bakery products at La Café.

Coffee is not a coffee shop

"La Cafe" offers hot and cold drinks, the choice of coffee was not random, but a decision to introduce a new type to the market, as it offers Italian Diami coffee.

Sandwiches and pastries

La Cafe offers different types of fresh sandwiches, all in a circular shape that allows one to see all the ingredients of what they are eating. The owners of "La Cafe" consider the transparency and presentation of the food ingredients to be of fundamental importance in serving the meals. "La Cafe" offers different types of desserts.

La Cafe is open from Monday to Saturday from 07:00 to 18:00 and on Sundays from 07:00 to 12:00
La Cafe offers delivery and take away services
Visit "La Cafe" and contact them by phone: 046570781
or an Instagram

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