visit 3 art galleries in Nazareth Market

Take a tour of the Nazareth market and visit 3 art galleries that offer a variety of works for show and for sale. Get to know the artists Fatma Abu Rumi, Elias Aakla and Sama Abu Hana.

are you an artist?  or Art lover? Visiting Nazareth and looking for galleries? We invite you to enjoy the old city of Nazareth and visit 3 art galleries in the old city

Art lovers looking for galleries, collectors and buyers looking for authentic art works, Nazareth offers this option.

Elias Aakla's gallery

"Art Gallery" was opened in 2016. The gallery and studio are located in the old city, 22 Al-Bishtra Street, next to Al-Rida Restaurant and Academia De Moda. The artist Elias Gakala seeks, through the studio and the gallery, to promote and support artists and artistic education.

Elias Aakla specializes in organizing exhibitions and art seminars.
Elias also organizing drawing sessions outside the studio in the Nazareth mountains. (see picture below)

For more information about the gallery, visit the website

Or contact Elias : 0547748307

Fatma Abu Rumi

In 2019, the artist Fatma Abu Rumi opened a gallery and studio "Balqees" in the old market in Nazareth. The place is a gallery that offers selling art works.

The gallery is the private studio of the artist Fatma Abu Rumi, and the lucky ones can watch her paint while visiting the gallery.

Fatma can be contacted at 0524447881

visit Belqees Gallery on Instagram

Sama Abu Hana

Sama Abu Hana opened "Studio and Gallery 29" in 2020. Sama, a graduate of Shenkar College, established her project in the market of Nazareth, and makes  the backyard of "Studio and Gallery 29"  an open space for cultural and art events.

The gallery offers paintings and fine art, drawings, sculptures, photographs and graphic design work - all for sale.

chick the work of Sama here

Or contact Sama at 0508657659

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