A cinema in Nazareth was established in 1931.. You've heard about it

Cinemas in Nazareth have been opened since 1931.. 4 cinema theaters worked in the city until the 1980s.. learn about the history of cinema in Nazareth

Culture and arts are always part of the history  of Nazareth, in this article we  researcher Khaled Awad telling about the history of cinema in Nazareth, and about the theaters that worked in the city.

Historically there were 3 cinema theaters in Nazareth, the first is the "Amber" established in 1933. The second is the "Rex Galil" established in 1941. The third  "Diana" established in 1961-1962. Private cinemas theaters of cultural centers or Christian schools also operated in the city, such as the "Freir" boarding school. as well as in missionary schools and culture centers that owned their own halls, such as the "Alanhada" club and the British Institute located in the market of Nazareth.

Amber cinema theater

Amber Cinema theater  was owned by 3 businessmen : Naji Batthish, Hajj Mohammed Zaid al-Aboushi from Jenin and Adeeb Jarjoura. Engineers Salim and Nakhle Sruji designed the building on land owned by Fadeel and Fadil Kanj, whose son Burhan operate the cinema theater.

The building held 300 people.

Rex Galil cinema theater

From the chain of "Rix" cinema theaters, Rix Gilil owned by Naim Dahdoh Dweiri located in a building owned by the Ka'war family - Tanous Ka'war, and today the building has restaurants and a Romanian/Turkish hammam.

The cinema theater opened in 1941 and provided film screening services in villages in  Nazareth area through a contract with the English government that ruled the country.

The Rix Galil cinema theater had an open theater next to the Orthodox church, showing films in the open air.

Diana cinema theater

"Diana" cinema theater was established in the "Almidan" area.. the idea of Shukri and Eduar Bathish, and their partners Sohail Al-Bana and Munir Tutari. In the 1970s, one of the three partners sold his part to Hani & Wail Al-Fahom, and over time Hani & Wail Al-Fahom owned the cinema after its founders sold it.

In addition to the "Diana" cinema theater, Hani & Wail Al-Fahoum built the "Nazareth" cinema theater.

Al-sana & Cinmana

The era of cinema  in Nazareth ended in the nineties of the last century due to television.  in 2000 Safa' Dabour founded the Nazareth Cinematheque "Al-Sana" .it stopped working after a decade.

"Cinmana" was established by its owner Muhammad Bitar Odeh, an institution for developing cinema culture and film production.

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